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The Live Encounter

Our show is an experience. We aren't satisfied with just playing our songs or having a party. We want you to live the stories we sing about. Life is a song itself, for some also a dance. For some a moment to reflect and to let thoughts and feelings pass.


Life is something we share and own together. So that's what our show is about. Experiencing the music together, live.


26-09-2014: Tram Huizen

17-10-2014: Het Spinhuis Amsterdam

29-10-2014: Hannekes Boom Amsterdam

30-10-2014: De Volta Amsterdam

07-11-2014: Stiels Café Haarlem

04-12-2014: Het Perron Amsterdam

27-04-2015: People's Day - Bredeweg Festival Amsterdam

16-05-2015: Marxism Festival Amsterdam

22-05-2015: N201 Aalsmeer

19-06-2015: Stiels Haarlem

05-09-2015: Ruigoord Amsterdam

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