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The Message

The Music

The Live Encounter

Words communicate what we think and believe. In between the lines we express our dreams and our hopes. Our thoughts of worry and fantasy.

Music is emotion. A whirlwind of sound or subtle waves of melodies to represent what is inside us but often not heard and acknowledged.

Life is one big experience. By exploring, experimenting, sensing and exchanging you discover where the magic happens.

The Message

When I look at the world right now, I see a no-mans land. A barren landscape with no living soul in the vicinity. When I start walking on the dried out soil, I see hurt families hiding in corners of broken houses. Animals seeking the last pieces of nature. When I walk on I pass by man-made dug out trenches, full of activity. Soldiers preparing themselves for the next strike, businessmen striking deals, politicians discussing over bureaucracy, all driven by a power invisible for my eyes, and that greedily searches for more natural resources to exploit.

The silence on the plain is tensed, with only the sound of the White Flag waving in the wind. But I am not the only one looking at the flag.


The world is in transformation. Whether you look at the climate, politics, racial or social issues. There is a belief that our system does not support anymore our ways of living. There is a change happening in which power is shifting. We don't always receive the right information on those shifts due to prejudiced media and corrupt science. We have to make up our own minds for ourselves.


Now the Sun is down and we are in the phase of the White Flag, we can only peek at what Dawn is bringing us. Where we create new kinds of communities with values of trust, love, vulnerability and brotherhood. But to reach that we have to break with the old and disconnect from the disguised social safety.


Stand up for global awareness...


The Music

The music you hear from us, is from the coming album White Flag. It is an ongoing production that started in 2013 with several musicians adding their flavour. It has a blend of hiphop, ska/reggae and funkrock. But you might just hear some other small influences too.


Every song is connected to a state of mind and a story. In 2015 we will release videoclips of "La Verità" and "White Flag". For now you can listen the demo versions of our music. Have fun!

The Live Encounter

Our show is an experience. We aren't satisfied with just playing our songs or having a party. We want you to live the stories we sing about. Life is a song itself, for some also a dance. For some a moment to reflect and to let thoughts and feelings pass.


Life is something we share and own together. So that's what our show is about. Experiencing the music together, live.


26-09-2014: Tram Huizen

17-10-2014: Het Spinhuis Amsterdam

29-10-2014: Hannekes Boom Amsterdam

30-10-2014: De Volta Amsterdam

07-11-2014: Stiels Café Haarlem

04-12-2014: Het Perron Amsterdam

27-04-2015: People's Day - Bredeweg Festival Amsterdam

16-05-2015: Marxism Festival Amsterdam

22-05-2015: N201 Aalsmeer

19-06-2015: Stiels Haarlem

05-09-2015: Ruigoord Amsterdam


For contact or bookings: pirosyklone @ pirosyklone . com


For news and show updates, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Photography by Remco Verdegaal

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